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Residential Claims

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East Coast Public Adjusters offers adjusting services for homeowners and residential properties throughout South Florida.

We are able to help homeowners throughout the state and in several other states as well, but our focus is primarily on Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties.

If your home has been damaged and you need to file an insurance claim, a whole chain of events, deadlines and tasks are created. Most people have not been through this process before and the lack of experience can make this a very daunting process. Depending on the size and scope of the damage, you may even have to find temporary housing for you and your family while your home is properly secured, repaired and renovated. We can help with all of this.

The residential claims process usually involves numerous meetings and phone calls with your insurance company, their adjusters and various contractors. In addition, you would have to spend hours upon hours creating an inventory list of everything in your home that was lost or damaged. This list must include the cost of each item and the current replacement cost for each item. All this time that you would have to spend formulating this list is time away from your life… your family, friends, job, etc. Imagine trying to think of EVERYTHING in your home right now. How much harder would this be after the trauma of a loss? Wouldn’t you rather spend your time after a loss being able to get back to your routine so you can focus on moving forward and let someone else be concerned with taking all the steps to get things back to the way they were before?

We haven’t even talked about depreciation, whether items should be repaired or replaced, preparing and submitting proper paperwork for your additional living expenses. There are lots of ways that insurance companies will try to get you to accept the less expensive option (i.e. repairing or cleaning an item instead of simply paying you to replace the item.) East Coast is fully prepared to protect you from these short pay tactics.

Are you a homeowner who has just experienced a loss?

The best time to call East Coast Public Adjusters is immediately after a loss has occurred. If you haven’t reported your claim, no problem! We can and will report it for you. If you have already filed, we will notify your insurance company and let them know that we are now representing you and that all communications should be directed through our office.

Whether your insurance company has already sent an adjuster (remember, the adjuster they send works for them, not for you) we will schedule a meeting with that adjuster to inspect the damage and assess the situation. We will also write our own estimate to rebuild and repair.

Next, we will negotiate with your insurance company to get the maximum possible settlement amount (the biggest check possible) to cover your damages and the cost to rebuild to pre-loss condition.

Settlements are NEVER accepted without your consent. We will be there to help you make the best decisions regarding the settlement so that you won’t feel like you are ever leaving money on the table. As we say, “don’t settle, for less!”

If your policy includes coverage for additional living expenses (ALE) and you have been forced into temporary housing as a result of your loss, we will help you receive reimbursement for those expenses as well.

Finally, our loss draft department will see to it that your check gets processed (from the insurance company, to you, to us to your mortgage holder and then back to you) as quickly as possible.

Relieve yourself of the stress that follows any type of loss. When you have East Coast Public Adjusters in your corner, you can rest assured that your claim is properly documented and filed.

Condo Association Claims

We are specialists in representing claims on behalf of condominium associations. Condominium associations carry insurance against fire, water damage from roof leaks, burst pipes, weather events, and other types of perils. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you can just snap your fingers and your insurance company will be at your door writing a check. Unless the directors are thoroughly familiar with a policy’s complex guidelines and time-sensitive procedures, the association risks recovering less than it should, and sometimes not enough to make the needed repairs.

For decades, condominium associations have trusted East Coast Public Adjusters to represent their interests by:

  • Reviewing your insurance policies
  • Advising officers of significant gaps or overlaps in coverage
  • Documenting your claims
  • Making sure to meet deadlines in your policy
  • Negotiating the maximum settlement
  • Maintaining 24-hour-a-day communication on claim status

In addition to assisting with new claims, we can also re-open past claims up to five years old that have not been satisfactorily resolved. Our experienced professionals are ready to advise and assist you.

Business Claims

We are skilled professionals with vast experience when it comes to business, commercial and industrial claims.

Successful business and property owners, as well as their managers, focus on their goals, objectives and day-to-day operations. That includes understanding the market, recognizing new opportunities and managing costs. But that business experience does not automatically turn an owner or manager into an insurance expert.

If property damage occurs or those business operations are interrupted, it’s essential for those losses to be properly and accurately documented in accordance with policy requirements. That requires extensive time and energy that must be diverted from ongoing business or property operations – if you try to handle the claim yourself.

Fortunately, East Coast Public Adjusters understands the intricacies of the insurance claims process and will serve as your advocate, representing your interests. We can handle your commercial claim from start to finish and make sure that you get a full, fair settlement, allowing you to focus on your business.

We are skilled professionals with vast experience in commercial claims. Just as you rely on a lawyer to defend yourself in a lawsuit or an accountant to file your corporate tax return, East Coast Public Adjusters will work diligently on your behalf to be sure you receive the maximum settlement amount for your business or property.

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